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Formula: C6H5(CH3)2COOC(CH3)2C6H5

 M. W.: 270.36

Brief Introduction

Dicumyl Peroxide (DCP) mainly provides as cross-linking agent for various polymers and copolymers, such as PE, EVA, CPE, EPDM, EPR, Silicon rubber, Polyurethane rubber, as well as the polymerization initiator for PS. It is also the curing agent for unsaturated polyester.
After crossing linking of DCP, the physical properties of polymer can be improved, for example, cross-linked PE improves its resistance to heat, chemical, pressure and cracking, and increase mechanical strength as well.
DCP manufactured by our factory can be used widely in architectural decoration materials, wire and cable, plastic foams and other products of plastic and rubber.



white crystals

 Purity%  wt


 Melting point(℃)



 Packing: in 20kg cardboard lined with polyvinyl bag.

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